First Cologne, Now Sweden: How left-wing apologism is fuelling right-wing populism


Right-wing populism finds a perfect ideological punchbag in a woolly liberalism that often fails to stand up for liberal principles.

No Place for the End of a Life


Moll said to throw her ashes off the Tyne Bridge because she’d often thought about jumping. Buzzing past the traffic next to the green bridge railings in her mobility buggy, she’d pause every time at the Samaritans Helpline sign to think: could I?

These are the Unseen Victims of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Unlike the victims of the Gaza conflict, these dead are part of a war you don’t see.

If All Lives Matter, Maybe It’s Time To Stop Laughing at North Korea


In our irony-obsessed, meme-driven culture, laughing at North Korea has become a major sport.

BONNY BROOKS has been awarded the prestigious Arts and Humanities Research Council Scholarship, for her upcoming novel on refugees and resistance movements. She was a 2015 Research Fellow at the John W. Kluge Center for Scholars at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., for her work on North Korea.        Read more

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