‘Good Choices’, a novelette

Betrothed to a famous Instagram poet who writes about the meaning of life from his parents’ weekend cottage, P is about to press the fuck-it button on her passionless existence. Over 24 chaotic hours in the West Country, an inspirational talk at P’s old rehab and a chance meeting with a fellow former inpatient leads her on a mission to save the engagement, through addict haunts she swore never to return to. But does she even want her engagement? And what’s so wrong with just walking into the sea?              Good Choices explores the ways we try to pull off a happy performance in our lives, for an audience that’s judging, always.

“As fearless a writer as any I know” – Jonathan McAloon, book critic for The GuardianThe Financial Times, and The Irish Times

“Through and through brilliant. Full of gravitas laughter and incredibly moving” – Xanthi Barker, author of Will This House Last Forever?

“One of the best literary depictions of addiction I’ve read. But not the usual recovery or not recovery narrative, this is about love, loss, identity, escape – and the distinct different parts of ourselves both warring and integrated. Brooks is an intelligent writer, with a firm grasp on the complexity of the human condition in all its fragility, both ugly and beautiful”  Lily Dunn, author of Sins of My Father and Shadowing the Sun

“Hugely compelling, very powerful. Incredibly funny, and yet broke my heart in places. I really admire this book” –  Andy West, author of The Life Inside: A memoir of prison, family, and philosophy

“I haven’t read a book so immediately immersive for such a long time. Brooks delivers a thoughtful, witty chronicle of addiction as something cunning, lying in wait, biding its time. Incredibly frank and extraordinarily intimate, Good Choices shines with humanity for the characters it refuses to condemn. I really loved it” – Ray Robinson, author of Electricity (now a major film) and Forgetting Zoe

“It left me blown away. It’s fucking brilliant” Rob True, author of In the Shadow of the Phosphorous Dawn

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Published by Open Pen.